What level of certification is the Digital Certification in Best Practice IT Major Incident Management compared with the physical training courses?

The qualification in Digital certification is the equivalent of the foundation-level and practitioner-level courses in Best Practice IT Major Incident Management.

Is it better to undertake the physical training course, or the Digital Certification? 

This is completely dependent on each organisation's, or individual’s, preference. The benefit of e-Learning is that each person can learn at their own pace, whenever, and where-ever they choose.

How long does it take to complete the Digital course and certification?

As a general guideline, the course content is the equivalent to 4 days of intensive training, however you can learn at your own pace at a time convenient for you and this will depend on your pace and how much time you can dedicate to studying. 

What can I expect to learn during the course?

Full course details can be found here.

What are the benefits of completing the Digital Certification in Best Practice IT Major Incident Management?

MIM® are the industry-standard when it comes to best practice IT Major Incident Management. The course and qualification will arm you with the knowledge, tools and skills to lead and communicate more effectively and help you succeed as a Major Incident professional.

As one of the MIM® globally-recognised certifications, the qualification may open doors all over the world, demonstrating to current and future employers that you have learned, understood and can apply advanced leadership, communication and Major Incident Management skills to the highest set of standards.

Operations that invest in advanced training can not only see the benefits in improving existing team member's capabilities, but in considering the risks and planning sufficient training accordingly, it is a clear signal to the business that your Operation has taken planning and preparation for Major Incidents and the avoidance of them, seriously. 

How long can I access the training after purchase?

Our online courses are designed with flexibility in mind, but students must complete the course and qualification within a maximum of 1 year.

How much does it cost?

    All pricing is subject to local currency fluctuations.

    Per person:

    • GBP £1,400 (+vat for European countries)
    • USD $1,800
    • AUD $2,543
    • SGD $2,447
    • EUR €1,544

    How can I pay?

    We accept all major credit and debit cards.

    We accept all major cryptocurrencies.


    For individuals that are purchasing the course for themselves, we are offering the ability to spread the cost of training across multiple months in monthly instalments.

    For example:

    Price: £1,400

     6 payments of: £233 per month

    0% interest.

    This is for individuals only. Please note this is subject to a credit check.

    Please contact one of the team to discuss this option info@majorincidentmanagement.com


    For companies that wish to purchase training for more than 5 people please contact one of the team info@majorincidentmanagement.com    

    Who is the Digital Certification in Best Practice IT Major Incident Management for?

    The digital certification and programme has been created from the Foundation and Practitioner Course in Best Practice IT Major Incident Management, with the addition of Advanced Leadership Knowledge and Skills modules. This means the course is excellent for seasoned professionals as well as those beginning their professional journey.

    • Experienced Major Incident Managers
    • VPs / Heads of / Managers of Major Incident Management
    • IT Operations Directors
    • CIOs
    • CTOs
    • Technical Directors
    • Technical Staff
    • Service Directors
    • Service Desk Managers
    • Service Desk Staff
    • Problem Managers
    • Service Assurance
    • Service Delivery Managers
    • Service Level Managers
    • All Staff that touch on Major Incidents

    Why is the Digital Certification in Best Practice IT Major Incident Management different from other training courses?

    The Digital Certification in Best Practice IT Major Incident Management is the only comprehensive programme developed specifically for IT Major Incident Managers.

    Not only does the programme deliver knowledge in the global Best Practice in IT Major Incident Management it also brings cutting edge leadership, communication and facilitation skills and knowledge.

    Do you have a question? Contact one of the team info@majorincidentmanagement.com