About us.

MIM® (Official Major Incident Management®) is the professional body dedicated to developing, managing and delivering our qualifications in Best Practice IT Major Incident Management®.

We work with leading organisations around the world to support and develop their people, processes and tools.

More recently we connect the global IT Major Incident Management professional community through our MIM Virtual Expos and bring the latest in information and news through the MIM® official podcast™.



We create the best Major Incident Managers in the world.

Where we operate.

Our team operates globally and serves companies and their professionals across Europe, Asia, United States and Oceania.

Our headquarters are based in the United Kingdom.

Leadership Team.

Emily Davies, Operations Director

Adam Norman, CEO & Founder

The MIM® Board of Excellence

Learn more about the professionals from the community world who serve on the MIM® Board of Excellence™. They are dedicated to upholding the Global Best Practice in IT Major Incident Management® standards, and the continual evolution of Major Incident Management for the benefit of the entire industry.

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Our mission.

Our mission is to create the best Major Incident Managers in the world. Our entire focus is to empower, support and evolve IT Major Incident Management.

Our values.


We believe in constant innovation. We believe in asking why.


We believe in excellence and always delivering it in everything we do.

The power of ideas. 

We believe in the power of ideas and their ability to change the world.

Extreme ownership.

We believe in extreme ownership, and that it is the key to fulfilment and success.


We believe in trust, delivering on promises and working tirelessly to maintain and grow it with each other and customers


We believe in fun and the power of fun as a tool to fuel passion in our work.


We believe in being remarkable in everything we do.

MIM Labs™

MIM Labs™ is where our entire team dedicates a portion of their time to identify, create and utilise innovations that can support the Major Incident Management community.

So far MIM Labs™ has been responsible for the renowned Major Incident Stakeholder Experience Continual Improvement Methodology and the MIM Cloud Academy™.

There are usually about 5-10 innovation projects being assessed and developed at any one time.

1% of our profits to GOSH.

We believe that it is important to support charities that are close to our hearts. Which is why we are committed to donating 1% of our annual profits to Great Ormond Street Hospital.